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The natural referencing service (SEO)

Investing in SEO is a long term return on investment, whatever area of ​​your business you need to be ranked high on Google search engines.

SEO is a technique that aims to position your website on the first search results, SEO will allow you to attract more traffic to your website in an organic way, it is a tool that allows you to minimize your costs and achieve good long-term results.

The dynamic team of Smart Influencer has a long experience in SEO, our SEO specialists optimize the content of websites before it is referenced by respecting the algorithms of Google which analyzes the quality of the content of the website.

Our work does not stop there, we follow up for all the websites that we have already referenced to know the progress of each referenced page and each keyword used, we also optimize your content so that they are compatible with Google updates.
Smart Influencer invests its know-how to increase the visibility of websites and improve their content so that it is ranked among the first results in search engines.


Technical SEO

We audit the websites so that they are crawled and indexed smoothly by Google's search engine bots. We check the functioning of your website in order to correct technical errors.


Local SEO

If your goal is to bring visitors to your local store or office, we help you optimize your website for local SEO by including the Google my business tool in our strategy for good local positioning.


E-commerce SEO

SEO for an e-commerce site is more complex than SEO for a blog page. Smart Influencer support you to reference each page of your online store.


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